The Earl Sinclair’s

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The first thing that came to mind when I saw these:

 These reptilian dunks at first glance can be an eyesore.  Think of them as an average female.  After a stimulating conversation,  you bypass her appearance and indulge in her personality.  With a closer look these kicks have alot of personality with the dino print accents on the back and toe box, dark green raised leather on the side and the suede upper.  You can find these at Sole Stop in a size 14 and 15 for $129.

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Hippie Dunk

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SB must stand for “So Brooklyn”.  Catch these on hipster in Williamsburgh.  Can’t front that  they alright.  Too bad someone is going to go way to hard and rock these with a matching kufiya.  The tie dye print is only on the back and the rest of the shoe is a dark blue suede, so the versatility is there. You can get Nike Sb Mid “Tie Dye” at Flight Club.  They have them for you in a size 15 for only $100.

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We are Back!!!!

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I know it has been a while.  Sorry to keep the people waiting.   The Yacht Club is back on track the old days.  We are going to look for the best prices due to the economy sucking like Brett Favre.  I’ll gaurantee that stripping doesn’t seem like such a dirty profession now?

Pee Wee is Back

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Oh when these first dropped almost a year ago I went nuts about them and nothinh has changed.  There were a handful of places carrying them and I knew they were going to pop up at Flight Club.  If you don’t these allow me.  These are the SB Pee Wee Hermans from the “Fallen Heroes Pack”.  The shoe is all suede and symbolizes that slim fit Williamsburg hipster suit that he rocked.  This final pair floating around is only available in a size 14 so sorry to the rest.

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Air Max 90 Premium

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Nike has been introducing new materials as of late to contruct their sneakers and these above are pushing the trend.  This shoe can carry the title of premium with its upper being made of Ostrich.  This almost has the same make up of the AM Infrared Premiums.  This is a banging shoe and one that is going to be tough to cop again in a size 14 and 15 so if you haven’t spent up all your summer work cash scoop them.  You can find these at Pick Your Shoes in sizes 14 and 15

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Air Max 90 Current

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This is a sexy shoe.  Black and Carolina blue looks good all the time.  The changes that have been made to update the OG Air Max work oh so well.  It has been updated with mostly mesh material but it doesn’t come off looking too much like a crosstrainer.  SIdeline Apparel has these in a size 14 and 15.

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AJF III’s Ready for Pre-order

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 For your early enjoyment Sideline Apparel has just received the AJF 3’s showing off the clasic cracked cement pattern.  These are due to drop on the September 6th but Sideline is putting them on pre-order today.  You know these are going to be gone quick so when the clock starts at 9 am be up ready to order.  At this point they have them available in a size 14 and 15 but it won’t be for to long. 

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